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Cheapflightsia is a gateway that can help you find the cheapest air tickets, car hire and hotel deals to Europe, Africa and the Middle East as well as to the USA and Asia.

cheapflightsia helps finding cheap car hire worldwide and save you the best possible amounts each time your search solution to help you find the best possible cheap online flights, cheap holiday deals and excellent cheap hotel deals as well as the offering rates cheaper than cabs in some instances for international car hire. The place to help you in finding the very best and low cost car hire.

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Find the best car hire rates online for your holiday destination. Applied with the cheapest flights for your trip you will be rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

Car hiring advice as with most travel booking advice is similar.. book in advance to help get the best deal!

Most car hiring companies and brokers keep prices reasonably steady for those who book several weeks ahead. However, those travellers who leave their booking late – until the couple of weeks or so before key holidays such as the May half term, and July school summer holidays, may well find that prices suddenly rise to a much higher rate.

Here is a quick guide from that advices on how to help keep the costs down:

1 Use a price-comparison website

Sites such as and allow you to see what prices are on offer from dozens of different car hire companies around the world and will often report back the different available rates.

2 Rent a diesel car

Diesel cars are generally more frugal with fuel than petrol ones, and although diesel is more expensive than petrol in Britain, Spain and Greece, in most Continental European countries it is significantly cheaper. Cheap car rental! Carhire4lower.Com offers low cost, high quality car rental from over 17000 locations around the world. Quotes are free, fast and hold no obligation to buy. Try it today and find out how much you can save. Carhire4lower. Com

3 Be certain what's included in the price

Collision-damage waiver and theft protection insurance is normally included in quotes, but the "excess" amount you must pay can vary widely: you could easily find yourself liable for the first 500 Euros of repair costs for any damage caused while you are in possession of the car.

Car hire desks will often offer you more insurance to reduce this excess to zero, but it is invariably very expensive. Instead, buy much cheaper insurance from one of several companies that offer policies to cover this. Try: Daily Excess ( and Insurance4carhire (, which are both part of the same company; Questor Insurance (; and Worldwide Insure (

4 Check the car

It's a pain, but if you don't record any scratches or dents with the office before you drive off, you could end up paying for them. The firm I used in Malaga even double-checked the spare wheel for damage/puncture when I returned the car the other day when on a vietnam holiday.                                 

5 Fill up just before return

Otherwise you will get stung by a refueling charge and a premium price for the petrol or diesel needed to refill the tank. This depends on the rental terms as some companies provide a full tank and you can return the cars empty.

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